This is the big day. It is almost time for the delivery, but all your reindeers are unable to move!

How will you find a way to give all children's gifts? You cannot just find steeds to roam the skies freely, can you?
But you are Santa, and Santa always finds a way.

This is a small, heartwarming Christmas story you can play with your kids.

Made with love by the OK Feather crew. Music is JJYY, pixel graphics by Woolion, programming by E and Dova Lin.
Special Thank You to our Playtesters, Mélanie and Thomas.

How to play

This is a classical text adventure game.
To act, you need to input a VERB and a SUBJECT, or simply a VERB. You'll need to EXAMINE your surroundings and the various objects you can find, or LOOK; there are various synonyms accepted (or shortcuts, like X for EXAMINE). You can GIVE or TAKE objects.
To move on the map, you can use the cardinal directions, NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST (or shortcuts N, E, S, W); there are some places you can ENTER or EXIT.

You start in easy mode. If you are a text-adventure veteran, you can switch to HARD mode (less textual hints, harder puzzles). You can switch at any time by typing EASY or HARD.

Type HELP to get some HELP.

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